Whether you have already worked with an architect or need design help we have you covered! With more than 20 years construction experience we have the tools and ideas to help make your project come to life. This can be an overwhelming experience but we use our hands-on approach to walk you through all aspects of what is needed to get your project off the ground.

From the first consultation meeting to the final walk-through we are never happy unless you are. We bring a level of love and care to your project just like it was one of our own!


Blue Bungalow. Alexandria, VA.

In this case, another builder came to us with this project opportunity. The builder asked us to manage the implementation of this project from beginning to end. The client already had plans from an architect to convert the existing the 1940s Cape Cod into a cottage bungalow. The project included a porch expansion and a first and second story expansion off the back of the house. It also included a roof build over from the rear of the new addition all the way to the front of the existing house. We also replaced all of the existing siding and windows. As a result, we essentially built a completely new house with the old house inside of it.

The 1,800-square foot Cape Cod to a 2,600 square foot bungalow project took approximately six months. It posed many interesting challenges, including but not limited to hoisting a 1,200-pound steel beam over the house from the street in order to support the rear deck—which is also waterproof and partially over an interior living space. We repaired and re-engineered the existing roof before completing the over build, as it was starting to collapse. In addition, because the entire rear of the roof structure is curved, each roof rafter had to be custom-crafted on site using several rafters combined together in order to create a beautiful even curve. The project was also located on the very tight streets of Alexandria, VA, which posed additional obstacles that we overcame in order to complete the project.

This project was a huge success and deeply rewarding for our company. This is a classic case of taking a home with great potential and exceeding everyone’s expectations. . . Even our own.


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