These are very exciting projects not only for us as the contractor but you as the homeowner. We take rooms that are not being used to their full potential and change them into spaces that make your day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable. We love making major transformations come to life in your home by using your input with our exceptional execution to get jobs done quickly, cleanly, and on budget!

Basement/Master Bath Addition

This project was multifaceted and a lot of fun. The client asked us to renovate their existing basement and add a second story addition off their master bathroom to accommodate a master bathroom expansion. Part of the basement renovation included a custom bar. The bar top was handcrafted from several species of wood by an artist in South Africa. Once it was finished, it would take eight more weeks to arrive in the United States. The cabinets had to be designed to fit the bar top exactly as it could not be modified. Typically we would have the bar top on site, but in this case, we couldn’t wait the eight weeks so the bar top maker sent us the dimensions and we custom-built cabinets to fit on top. Once the bar top arrived, it fit perfectly and we were all thrilled and relieved.

The master bath expansion was straightforward in comparison. It was a second-story only so we engineered it to be supported by structural posts. We were able to lay out the interior very efficiently so that we could include two vanities, commode, shower and a soaker tub without having to make the bathroom too large. This portion of the project went very smoothly and we were able to coordinate the two aspects of construction to finish approximately at the same time.



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